Why events work


Shared experiences can move hearts and minds. Events also have this potential.

Think about it. When was the last time you went on a trip or had some sort of unique experience?  You remember it, right? There’s a volume of research out there that proves how “shared experiences” and physical events create attachment to a person, an organization and even a product.

Hearts & Tears Motorcycle Club.

Hearts & Tears Motorcycle Club.

A few years ago, I took a trip with some friends to Pokhara, Nepal, to ride Royal Enfield motorcycles with Hearts & Tears Motorcycle Club. It was fantastic. It’s hard not to like the breath taking views of the Himalayas that Pokhara offers.

However, what also stood out from the trip was the shared experiences we all had – it reminded me of how this type of engagement deepens relationships on an emotional level.  It was a well-organized tour on behalf of Hearts & Tears. But the more important implication was the impact on all of us who were on the trip and the positive sentiment we left with for Hearts and Tears. So much so I went back two years later to do another trip.

Events work because of the opportunity to offer shared experiences, to deepen relationships and leave a lasting impression. Equally important, events can help brands build trusted relationships with their consumers, a sentiment that marketing expert Seth Godin has frequently expounded over the years. 

In virtually every industry the most trusted brand is also the most profitable... And trust, almost without exception, leads to profit.
— Seth Godin

Long story, short. If you’re not doing so already, try incorporating events and shared experiences into your business. There's no doubt that experiences have the ability to impact the lives of those around you, which in turn can lead to more business. And if nothing else, it'll be fun!


Ian Carless - Partner | Warehouse Four