Award winning documentaries to make big screen debut in Dubai


Award winning documentaries to make big screen debut in Dubai


Thanks to a collaboration between National Geographic and Warehouse Four, two award winning National Geographic documentaries ‘Free Solo’ and ‘Jane’ are about to get their big screen debut in Dubai.

Recent Oscar winning documentary ‘Free Solo’ profiles professional rock climber Alex Honnold on his quest to conquer the first free solo climb of famed El Capitan’s 900-metre vertical rock face at Yosemite National Park.

“We are proud to bring to the UAE community this ‘Free Solo’ big screen experience. Viewers immersed themselves fully in this extraordinary documentary, which captures the essence of National Geographic’s visual storytelling as well as its mission to celebrate the human spirit of adventure. We are here to encourage the explorer in everyone,” said Sanjay Raina, General Manager and Senior Vice President, Fox Networks Group.

As of February, 2019, ‘Free Solo’ has grossed $16.3 million in the United States and Canada and $2.8 million in other territories. The film has also received numerous accolades including a BAFTA for Best Documentary and more recently ‘Best Documentary Feature’ at the 91st Academy Awards.

“We’re super excited to partner with National Geographic to be able to screen these two amazing documentaries at Warehouse Four,” Said Ian Carless, Partner at Warehouse Four. “In today’s social and political climate there’s a huge appetite for factual entertainment. Many documentary films now compete with their Hollywood counterparts and both ‘Jane’ and ‘Free Solo’ are exemplary pieces of film making.”

Using a trove of never-before-seen footage, Jane’ tells the story of primatologist, Jane Goodall’s early explorations and research in Tanzania, focusing on her groundbreaking field-work, her relationship with her cameraman and husband Hugo van Lawick, and the chimpanzees that were the subject of her study.

Both films will be screened at the independent event venue, Warehouse Four which previously screened the award winning cycling documentary, ‘MAMIL’ (Middle Aged Men In Lycra.) Both screenings are by invitation only.


“His is daring, dangerous and dizzying stuff, the story of a one man simultaneously in competition and cooperation with nature. Meet Tom Cruise’s hero, probably.” Helen O’Hara – Empire Magazine

Free Solo is an engaging study of a perfect match between passion and personality.” Jeannette Catsoulis – The NYTimes

“This often breathtaking real-life man-against-nature ad­ven­ture is the second film co-directed by Jimmy Chin, who in 2015 made ‘Meru.’” Ann Hornaday – Washington Post

“A heart-stopping account of an ostensibly impossible endeavor.” Joe Morgenstern – Wall Street Journal


“A spellbinding trip into the wild with Jane Goodall.” ★★★★★ Chris Harvey – The Guardian

“Brett Morgen’s portrait of wildlife expert Jane Goodall reveals a poised, articulate woman who changed the way we think about primates.” ★★★★ Wendy Ide – The Observer 

“Brett Morgen’s absorbing documentary tells the story of Jane Goodall largely through footage of her expeditions.Ben Kenigsberg – The NYTimes

“At its best, ‘Jane’ lets the footage speak for itself, as when we watch the organically developing drama unfold when chimpanzees tentatively approach Goodall and her camp to eat bananas.Pat Padua – Washington Post

“’Jane’ honors its subject’s legacy with an absorbing, beautifully filmed, and overall enlightening look at her decades of invaluable work.” Rotten Tomatoes – Tatometer – 98% / Audience score – 86%


Coming To A Screen Near You...

Coming To A Screen Near You...

new pop-up cinema hoping to put the 'magic' back into movie going.


By its very nature, the popularity and critical acclaim of a movie must be subjective and as with any other form of classical or modern art, literature and music, there are loves and hates. But as a genre, cinema has played an enormous – and influential - role in our perception of the world around us and society in general.

Reflecting our love of movies we often refer to them in terms of precious metals; the silver screen; the golden age of Hollywood; and of course, the original platinum blonde, Marilyn Monroe. But are today’s producers giving us tin rather than titanium (used in the manufacture of some of the best loved film cameras, by the way)?

There is no doubt that special effects and CGI massively extend the scope of cinema but at what cost? Have we succumbed to a formula whereby we go to our local multiplex, order our masala popcorn and extra salsa nachos and marvel – literally – at the latest advances in 3D comics? As Jackie Chan, awarded an Honorary Oscar for his "extraordinary achievements", once said: “Cinema reflects culture and there is no harm in adapting technology, but not at the cost of losing your originality.”

For many, cinema has also lost its charm as a social occasion, where the movie maybe the main event, but the community element is missing.

In order to help re-establish that spirit, Warehouse Four, the stylish event venue in Umm Sequim, is hosting a series of pop-up cinema screenings under the banner of Film@Four, with a touch of nostalgia in terms of set-up and content. From Pulp Fiction and Shawshank Redemption to American Werewolf in London and The Breakfast Club, it will be a trip down memory lane for some, and for others an introduction to see what all the fuss was about with these classic hits.

Added to the mix will be some of the very best modern and classic documentaries, including Blackfish, Citizen Four, Cowspiracy, Amy and Senna. And to round off a real taste of true cinema from the past, there’s plans to host a Saturday matinee show, bringing the cinema going experience to the younger kids.

London’s world famous (and infamous) Prince Charles Cinema in the West End has been entertaining along the same lines for nearly 30 years to fans of cult and art-house movies and lovers of the blockbusters that continue to stand the test of time. Recent billing has included a range that spans from Home Alone to Die Hard and of course everyone’s favorite Christmas tear-jerker, It’s a Wonderful Life.

The design at the Film@Four venue is also very much in the same vein as the Prince Charles Cinema, with the old-school layout of individual, authentic comfy cinema seats with plenty of personal space rather than the impersonal pre-fab rows for mass audiences. And with seating of up to 80, Warehouse Four is far from boutique, instead offering the experience as well as the event.

There will always be a place for the multiplexes of this world and they will continue to be the cash cows for the movie industry (although there were 30 million fewer film-goers across Europe last year than in 2004), but independent cinema is thriving. With the launch of Dubai’s first indie movie venue, Film@Four could lead the way to a love of the moving picture past.

For more information, including movie dates and timings, please sign up for our Film@Four newsletter.


Fringe Benefits – Edinburgh Acts Come to Dubai

Fringe Benefits – Edinburgh Acts Come to Dubai

Fringe Benefits - Edinburgh Acts Come To Dubai


While the Edinburgh Fringe may initially conjure up images of the most promising comedy writers, off-the-wall performers and the zaniest of zany acts playing to raucous university students, the festival itself lays claim to the origins of a much more classic art.

fringe logo.png

As the birthplace of true fringe theatre in the 1940s, the Scottish capital has not only been the driving force behind such comedy geniuses as  Rowan Atkinson, Steven Berkoff, Jo Brand, Billy Connolly, Ben Elton and Eddie Izzard, it has also been the creative playground  of such dramatic giants as Alan Ayckbourn, Tom Stoppard and Derek Jacobi.

While Dubai has yet to establish its own fringe– though it may not be long – there is a chance to catch some of the best acts from the 2018 Edinburgh Fringe here on tour in February, March and April. And a more diverse, highly acclaimed and original bunch of fringe masters you would be hard pushed to find.

Gordon Sage Mackay in Angry Alan

Gordon Sage Mackay in Angry Alan

Under the banner of ‘Fringe@Four’ and taking centre stage at the stylish Warehouse Four venue in Umm Sequim, will be productions from The Bathtub Heroine, David William Bryan and Francesca Moody Productions. The line up presents a scintillating spectrum of theatre from dark comedy and historical storytelling to otherworldly romance and sexploitation.

It’s a heady mix, but with reviews among them that include “setting a new standard for the genre” (Broadway Baby), “force of a compelling narrative” (The Guardian), “achingly beautiful piece of theatre” (British Theatre Guide) and “a fiercely intelligent writer and compelling actress”, the calibre of the acts is next to none.

While the fringe may have its roots in Edinburgh, the genre is now well established as a global phenomenon with some of the most popular festivals established in Edmonton, Alberta, Orlando, New Orleans and Boulder, with London’s ‘Off-West End’ attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors all year round. But it’s the off-piste festivals that are gaining the most momentum, such as Japan and Prague, which started with a turnout of just 400 people in 2002 and in 2018 boasted more than 6,000.


Regarded by performers and critics alike as a combination of edgy adventure, innovation, experimentation, inclusion and freedom of expression, fringe theatre has never tried to compete with its mainstream counterpart. While it has been a rite of passage for many now household names, fringe also pays homage to some of the most famous names in literature such as Shakespeare, Samuel Becket and even Sophocles, although never in their original form but as a unique and often irreverent take on their works and their characters.

However you want to describe fringe, you can’t pigeonhole it. Be stunned, be amazed be shocked, be provoked, or – of course – be driven to hysteria. It is a breeding ground for raw talent and by its very nature, its format is unformattable wherever you are in the world.

So while Dubai may not yet have its home grown fringe talent, this spring at Warehouse Four will give audiences a true flavour of indie theatre at it’s best.

Fringe@Four schedule

How to Swim in Hollywood – February 8th

In Loyal Company – March 6th

And This Is My Friend Mr. Laurel - March 15th

Angry Alan – April 2nd & 3rd

Click the posters below for full details about each production.

'MAMIL' Film Screening

'MAMIL' Film Screening

October saw Dubai’s cycling community turn out for the Dubai premier of ‘MAMIL’ - Middle Aged Men in Lycra. Over 150 people turned out over 2 nights to watch the 90 minute documentary film. Also at the event was the films director, Nick Bird, who took part in a Q&A after each screening.

The events were the first for Warehouse Four’s new pop-up cinema initiative - Film@Four.

Dubai Govt Human Resources Accelerators Lab

Dubai Govt Human Resources Accelerators Lab


Over 100 Dubai Government managers and senior officials attended the HR Accelorators workshop. Several key note presentations were given with attendees also breaking into individual groups for specific sessions.

The event was also attended by Shaikh Maktoum Bin Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Deputy Ruler of Dubai who was briefed by DGHR Director General Abdulla Ali bin Zayed Al Falasi on new ideas and proposals for enhancing government operations and increasing the efficiency and productivity of the public sector.

The participants discussed legislation governing human resources in the Dubai government and a range of other issues including the flexibility of HR regulations and bylaws, ways to attract and retain talent, employment-contracting procedures, salary and compensation, performance appraisal and promotion, flexible time, working hours and telework.

The lab also discussed other issues including the enhancement of the corporate culture by building teamwork, ways to improve team bonding and corporate loyalty, ensuring fairness, transparency and accountability and enhancing corporate competitiveness.

4 Reasons Why Events Really Work

4 Reasons Why Events Really Work

4 Reasons Why Events Really Work

YSL ‘Vinyl’ launch party.

Having run an event venue for two years, I’ve seen first hand how events can help brands connect with their audience. This seems even more pertinent in the current and often impersonal digital age, where customers are demanding more authentic and real world connections.

So here’s four good reasons why event marketing really works and should be at the top of a brands ‘to-do’ list:

1.      With the ‘internet of things’ offering disruption on a daily basis and leading to more and more traditional job losses, people are increasingly looking for experiences over material things. By immersing your customers in unique, exciting and personal experiences, they will remember your brand forever. It’s no surprise that engaged customers post, share and talk about their experiences with others. And as countless peer-to-peer websites have proven, the best marketers for your brand, are your customers.

Power League Gaming | Call Of Duty Product Launch

2.     A well thought out and produced event allows your brand to get intimate with customers and create moments. There’s nothing more impactful than standing side by side with a client at a workshop, seminar or product activation, as they experience your product or service hands on and talk with you in person. This is a unique opportunity to engage with clients in a personal setting and share details and insights that often isn’t possible online.

3.     Special events give you a platform to tell your story. They also allow people to experience your brand values first hand as well as let them get to know the people behind the brand. Events can allow you a special opportunity to create stronger relationships by spending time together. As the popular sales mantra goes, ‘fact’s tell, but stories sell’. This alone can grow your business.

4.     Events are the perfect blender for collaborations. There’s increasing research to show that customers prefer brands that care about society and give back. As a result, many brands are engaging with charities that are aligned with their brand identity. Managed properly, partnering your event with a charity can help create a buzz and also attract media attention – a win-win for everyone involved.

So, in summary, events should be part of every savvy marketer’s integrated marketing strategy, complete with targeted goals and clear messaging. Even if you produce just one or two awesome events a year, this can increase the effectiveness of your marketing.

We look forward to hosting your next event.

Ian Carless - Partner | Warehouse Four.

Adidas Tango League

Adidas Tango League


December saw the Adidas Tango League make its debut in Warehouse Four and saw some of the most creative young footballers between the age of 16 and 25 compete for their chance to perform on a global stage.

The tournament saw players descend from all corners of the UAE, including Ajman, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, with a team even flying in from Saudi Arabia as teams battled it out for the bragging rights of being the UAE's top 4-a-side football team. Over 100 players and supporters attended the event.

Talented local football player, Baraa Lulu was crowned the most valuable player at adidas Tango League Dubai, which has captured the interest of talented young players in the city this month. Baraa will head to the FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 to go head-to-head with 22 other players from across the world for a spot in Xabi Alonso’s Tango Squad FC.

Why Events Work

Why Events Work

Why events work


Shared experiences can move hearts and minds. Events also have this potential.

Think about it. When was the last time you went on a trip or had some sort of unique experience?  You remember it, right? There’s a volume of research out there that proves how “shared experiences” and physical events create attachment to a person, an organization and even a product.

Hearts & Tears Motorcycle Club.

Hearts & Tears Motorcycle Club.

A few years ago, I took a trip with some friends to Pokhara, Nepal, to ride Royal Enfield motorcycles with Hearts & Tears Motorcycle Club. It was fantastic. It’s hard not to like the breath taking views of the Himalayas that Pokhara offers.

However, what also stood out from the trip was the shared experiences we all had – it reminded me of how this type of engagement deepens relationships on an emotional level.  It was a well-organized tour on behalf of Hearts & Tears. But the more important implication was the impact on all of us who were on the trip and the positive sentiment we left with for Hearts and Tears. So much so I went back two years later to do another trip.

Events work because of the opportunity to offer shared experiences, to deepen relationships and leave a lasting impression. Equally important, events can help brands build trusted relationships with their consumers, a sentiment that marketing expert Seth Godin has frequently expounded over the years. 

In virtually every industry the most trusted brand is also the most profitable... And trust, almost without exception, leads to profit.
— Seth Godin

Long story, short. If you’re not doing so already, try incorporating events and shared experiences into your business. There's no doubt that experiences have the ability to impact the lives of those around you, which in turn can lead to more business. And if nothing else, it'll be fun!


Ian Carless - Partner | Warehouse Four